Ep 104: Monster Brawl – WGT

It’s all for you, Dion! It’s all for you! This week’s movie was chosen by Patreon haomie, Dion Collins; a good kid, with clearly great taste in podcasts. If you would like a chance to pick which movie we review, become a subscriber at Patreon.com/whogoestherepodcast!

Ever wonder which who would win in a fight between the Wolfman and Frankenstein’s Monster? Have you ever wanted to see a witch do a dropkick? Do you miss Jimmy Hart obnoxiously yelling while the voice of god does Mortal Kombat style voiceovers? No? Oh…well then you probably would like Monster Brawl. But you should download the episode anyway.

No, no, no, no. This isn’t right. This is nothing. This is shit! Where’s the impact? It’s just a goddamn Buffalo, it’s just the goddamn Who Goes There Podcast episode 104!

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