Ep 109: The Belko Experiment – WGT

Admit it. We’ve all fantasized about offing a coworker or two. You know, give James from accounts payable an extra hard “pat on the back” at the top of the staircase? James is a dick. But most of us are smart enough not to do such a thing, because murder is bad. That doesn’t mean Hollywood can’t make a movie about how awesome it would be if we did!

In case you didn’t know, The Belko Experiment is about being “forced” to kill your coworkers. Is it as gross as Julie from the fourth floor choking down her sixth piece of fried chicken? Is it as funny as watching David from human resources drowning is his own blood? Is Matt losing his hair? Find out all this and more!

Wow, he just made the international sign of the doughnut; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 109!

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