Ep 122: Darkness Rising – WGT

I am not being the slightest bit sarcastic when I say, “this episode made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside”. This week we’re joined by the haomie Steve Garcia, founder of Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing, to see what happens when three people, force their way into a house, stop being nice, and start being morons. Hold on to your hats, dummies. This shit is about to get wild.

We’re pounding cheap beers out of paper bags and discussing 2017’s Darkness Rising. If the term “Gallows mad” means anything to you, you don’t want to miss this episode. Things get heated as we dissect a movie that is as clumsy your first sexual encounter.

Bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors, but by the Who Goes There Podcast episode 122!

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