Ep 124: August Underground – WGT

When we first started this show, Matt had intended for the show to be a platform to introduce people to the really depraved horror films they had most likely never heard of. While we may have shifted the focus of the show to a slightly more digestible format, Matt  and our pal Danny are constantly trying to sneak one of these films into the Who Goes There review schedule; this is one of those episodes.

Be forewarned, some of you delicate types may be “triggered” by some of the content of this week’s discussion. This film is obscenity in a nutshell. This little piece of cinema has enough nudity, blood, guts, fecal material, assault, abuse, and murder to make almost anyone feel like they need a scalding hot shower. Is this film a despicable piece of trash that should never see the light of day? Or is it possible that this blood soaked 71 minutes could be an important piece of horror history? This, is August Underground.

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