Ep 130: Killing Ground

Buckle up, kiddos! This week, we’re going on a little trip down under; so grab your sunscreen and a baseball bat, because everything wants to kill you in Australia! We’re coming at you with another of our now infamous Patreon picks, and this go ’round the haomies wanted us to review 2017’s Killing Ground.

“Sam and Ian take off on what they believe will be a peaceful camping trip. Their break turns into a battle for survival when they discover a bloody toddler wandering around in the bush and find that an incredibly disturbing crime has been committed.”

Join us as we ponder some of life’s most perplexing questions. For example: is there really a difference between Australians and the folks from New Zealand? Are acts of violence and just as offensive if they happen offscreen, or is it worse because your mind connects the dots for you? If you spike an infant in the end zone, does that count as excessive celebration?

You haven’t changed, I see. You’ve always loved violence. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 130!

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