Ep 228: It Chapter 2 – WGT

A few days ago I was driving home and listening to an old episode of the show; it was the Killing Ground episode from 2017. In the pre-show banter for the episode we talked about how we would have to wait two years for the final season of Game of Thrones and the sequel to It Chapter One.

The reason I bring this up is because we all know how well the final season of Game of Thrones turned out. Now here we are, two years later and It Chapter Two is fresh in theaters. Will It Chapter Two be the sequel that Chapter One deserved, and we all needed? Or will we all be left shaking our fists at the sky and cursing whatever “God” would do this to us?!

We also talk about some other movies, and we talk about some goings-on in the horror community…ummmm we probably insult each other and make dirty jokes too. So that’s fun.

I leave for five minutes, and when I come back everyone’s a fucking alien. Now, if I have to Men In Black your ass, you’re gonna fucking take it! It being the Who Goes There Podcast episode 228!

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