Ep 230: Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

Guess who’s back in the mother fuckin’ house, Hell House, that is! After what seems like an eternity, the time has come to shut the doors on the Hell House franchise with Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire! (Review at 42:33)

Four years ago, we checked into the Abaddon Hotel and were treated to one of the most enjoyable and unnerving cinematic experiences in recent memory. I’ll admit the sequel was every bit as good as a Motel 6 continental breakfast. But we were promised the finale to the trilogy would hands down be the crown jewel of the franchise.

In the studio this week is horror author and Patreon haomie Brian Asman. Together, we will let you know if you should check into Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire. Or maybe you just should keep heading down the road until you get to Motel Hell.

In addition to our normal hilarious hijinks, we still can’t stop talking about The Fanatic! (Full review available exclusively on Patreon.) We’ll also give you our thoughts on the first episode of American Horror Story: 1984, Intruder, Fede Alvarez taking the helm of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Here comes fucking Parker, walking down nine miles, swinging the God damn head by the hair in one hand and his sandwich in the other. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 230!

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