Ep 75 Purge Election Year – Who Goes There Podcast

purge_4_1200_1776_81_sWell, the good ole US of A had herself a little birthday. And wouldn’t you know it, we just partied the only way you can party when sweet lady liberty gets another notch in her belt. As a result, we missed an episode last week. Like most of America we drank some beers, ate some Thai food, watched soccer, and we Purged. That’s right, we saw The Purge: Election Year so you don’t have to. We also talk about Chris’ week from Hell (American), Matt is too stupid or stoned to properly insult Jorge (American), Boysetsfire releases the dogs (American af), and we perv on cosplay girls (Japanese, but America is trying). Don’t tell me my business, devil woman! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 75!

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