Ep 81 – Ghoulies Go To College w/ Batlords – WGT

2693712307_001Who’s blood is on the floor? Who’s knocking at the door? Man I really gotta know…why the fuck we did a film with a 3.5 IMDB rating. Yeah, 3.5. We turned our brains off and spent way too much time discussing Ghoulies Go To College. We’re joined by Stevie Dio from horror punk band Batlordsbecause he’s the haomie, he’s hilarious and Jorge “loves” talking about shitty movies.

So here we go, crushing beers, talking horror pornos, circle jerk Snakes on a Plane, sun tanned boobs in Final Destination, Anne Heche’s butthole and straight up possessions, dawg! We also spend a lot of time reminding Stevie that Batlords has a new album out and a new ep on the way, and Steve tells us where he thinks our bread and butter comes from. Steve is clearly an idiot. If we die, we die tonight; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 81. See you next Tuesday, cunts.


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