Ep239: Deadly Games – WGT

Ladies and germs, Christmas has come early! The wonderful people of France teamed up with the folks over at Shudder to bring us an amazing gift that we didn’t know we wanted! Have you ever been watching Home Alone and thought to yourself, “yeah, it’s good, but it could definitely be more French, and where are all the mullets”?

Buckle. The. Fuck. Up. This week we’re fuckin blessed to be covering 1982’s Deadly Games (a.k.a. Game Over, Hide and Freak, 3615 Code Pere Noel, Dial Code Santa Claus etc). (Review at 21:27) Guys, for real, this movie is fuckin bonkers! Just look at the photo below. I’ve seen the movie and even I have no idea what is going on right there. It’s so god damn zany that for many years, the entirety of the United States was like, “that’s a nah from me, dawg” and the movie wasn’t available here until 2018! I know I don’t say this much, but seriously, go watch this movie before listening to the show!

We know some of you won’t be happy no matter how hard we try. In an attempt to win you over, we’re also letting you know a really stupid way you can spend $6500. Rhett tries to talk about Frozen 2 way too many times for it to be a joke. Jorge hates everything,

We’re trapped in closet on Christmas with Santa trying to murder us. How fucked up is that? At least we have the Who Goes There Podcast episode 239!

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