Ep244: The Grudge 2020

Generally, when the horror community hears the word “remake” we all collectively groan and roll our eyes. More often than not, the remake fails to capture what audiences loved about the source material. Every so often, a remake will come along that not only pays homage to an already great film, it carves out it’s own place in cinema history. As of 2020, no one will say that about The Grudge. (Review starts at 24:08)

Maybe I’m just pulling your leg. Perhaps this un-promoted, January release, produced by Sam fuckin’ Raimi is an early contender for film of the year. Maybe this is the first time I’ve seen Lynn Shea in a ghost movie. C’mon. We all know why you’re here.

THE GRUDGE Snags Horrific F Cinemascore 1024x502 - Who Goes There Podcast: Ep244 - THE GRUDGE 2020

When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That’s why we have the Who Goes There Podcast episode 244!

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