Ep256: We Summon The Darkness – WGT

Well, here it is. It may have taken us two weeks, cost us our sanity, tested our friendship, and killed three of Jorge’s cousins, but damnit, we have a new episode!

Things have been a little shaky for everyone the last few weeks and here at the Who Goes There Podcast is no exception. We lost three episodes to the podcasting gods after having to record remotely for the first time in seven years. That, in conjunction with the release calendar looking pretty slim we jumped at the chance to review a NEW horror movie! This week we bring you 2020’s We Summon The Darkness, a movie about satanists, or not. (Review at 25:35)

I would like to take a second to thank and acknowledge my co-hosts for all of their hard work and patience. Despite living through his own private nightmare, Jorge has produced an episode that sounds as though we are all in the same room. Rhett is being a positive, optimistic driving force, and I now get really high through the whole episode and basically serve no purpose. Hooray teamwork!

Colonel, take it from the beginning. Assume we know nothing… which is understating the matter. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 256!

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