Ep281: Friday The 13th Original & Remake

Bonjour, mes petits crétins! This may come as a surprise to some of you, in the 7+ years we’ve been doing this show we have never covered a Friday the 13th film! I know, right? But I guess the question would be: WHY haven’t we covered Friday the 13th? Do we hate the films? Perhaps we think the films transcend review and speak for themselves? Maybe there’s just like twenty bajillion horror movies and we just never got to it?

Wh… why are you complaining?! It’s here, now! Now, we’ve not only covered one, but two films in the franchise, and you’re still not happy? Christ on a cracker, you’re tough to please. I’m going to guess you’re one of those that wants to just skip right to 34:24 to check out the review. Yeah, you seem like the type.

On a side note, since Rhett is probably the only person that actually reads this I am going to say “saaaaaaah dude!” to Rhett. If anyone else reads this, do you like K-pop? I’m hella stoked for the new Twice record. Just putting that out there. Horror fans love K-pop.

Do you wanna give up? You wanna sit here and die, tell me, and I will sit here and die with you. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 281!

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