Ep347: The Lost Boys – WGT

Look, before you say anything, we don’t want to hear it. Don’t “at” us, bro. We’re doing a beloved horror classic, and many of you mouth-breathing jabronis will have some kind of feedback for us. We don’t care.

This week, we’re talking about The Lost Boys. Has Jorge told you his Corey Feldman story? We’re joined by the haomie Jacob (aka Cthulhu Christ) to once again bite into yet ANOTHER vampire movie.

But wait! There’s more! My good friend Lacey celebrated her birthday this passed weekend and she always liked when we played some sort of game. So, for her birthday we’re playing a lightning round of horror Trivial Pursuit. For all of you who ask yourselves, “do these guys even like horror movies?”, here is proof that we don’t. Happy birthday, Lacey! You’re fuckin awesome! Thanks for being a patreon subscriber for over 5 years!

Suck it, nerds.

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram. 

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