Ep369: Terrifier 2 – WGT

Review starts at 23:20

Beep-beep! You knuckle dragging, nut huggers! By now you’ve all heard the hype surrounding 2022’s Terrifier 2. “People are puking and fainting in the theater!” “Not for the faint of heart.” “The most fucked-up movie you’ll see all year!”

Now hold on just a darn minute. Now I love my blood and gore just as much as the next red-blooded patriot. I also absolutely adore hyperbole and exaggeration. But you’re making some awful big claims there. You absolute crazy bastards, you.

Fear not, my little grease-painted goofballs! The Who Goes There Podcast is here for you, yet again. We’re sitting through the entirety of this TWO AND A HALF HOUR slasher flick to let you know if this big-top of blood-soaked brutality is worth the price of admission, or if you’re better off sticking to the cotton candy and ring toss.

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee (and inspired by Persona 5). Go follow him on instagram.

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