Awww shit, here we go again. This episode we review all five episodes of Black Mirror, Season 6. While Season 4 had it’s high points, most notably an episode entitled USS Callister starring Meth Damon (Jessie Plemons), I think most will agree Season 5 was easily the worst of the series. So, we had high hopes that series creator Charlie Brooker had taken his time and bounced back with a new season to bring us more of the existential dread and dark, dizzying forays into the implications of technology and consciousness we’ve come to expect from the series since it debuted back in 2011. Is this the case? Listen to the episode and find out! 

“So, what happens when we die? We drop into Limbo. Are you serious? Limbo Unconstructed dream space. Well, what the hell is down there? Just raw, infinite subconscious. Nothing is down there!” It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 388!

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