Another year has come and (almost) gone but we’ve got a couple more episodes for you as we close out 2023.

Gojira is one of the most enduring film characters in cinema history. Since first appearing in the 1954 original, everyone’s favorite reptilian Kaiju has starred in a total of 38 films and counting. Between Warner Bros. MonsterVerse film franchise and the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters series on Apple TV+, Godzilla is having a bit of a moment right now, again. We’ve seen a lot of iterations of the guy; the good guy version, the bad guy version, the neutral force of nature, the rubber suits, the bad 90’s CGI, cartoons, and lots of dope toys.

GODZILLA MINUS ONE is the first period piece in the franchise and the first since the 1954 original to reset the clock and setting back to post-World War 2, and post-atomic holocaust, Japan. So what’d we think of this genre hybrid spectacle that returns the big guy to his roots? Listen and find out.

“Then what do we do about the horror before us now? Just let it happen? Only you can save us from this tragedy. Even if you use the device to defeat Godzilla, how can it be used as a weapon, if you don’t publish your research? Ogata, we human beings are weak creatures. Even if I burn my notes, everything is still in my head. As long as I’m alive, who can say I wouldn’t be coerced into using it again?” It’s the Who Goes There Podcast Episode 401!

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