Episode 78: Stranger Things ep 5-8 – Who Goes There Podcast

What’s happening, dummies? Summer is in full swing, the sun has been relentless, and the hottest show on the planet is back with part the second half of our 2 part episode on Stranger Things. (You can check out episode one here.)

Stranger Things Box of Dread Seventh Box

On this episode we drink a LOT of beers in celebration of Matt’s birthday, we get into the new Pumpkinhead remake, Matt makes some bold claims, we “surrender Dorothy” to the Bossfight, we discuss why so many horror fans seem to be wrestling fans and vice versa and the final four episodes of Stranger Things. Could Stranger Things be a Silent Hill sequel? Why the fuck did Nancy end up with Steve? Is Eleven alive? Was the dog behind everything? Hit download and find out! Where we’re going… we don’t need eyes to see; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 78. See you next Tuesday…cunts.

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