GoFundMe for Alia’s Medical & Dental Bills

To make a donation please visit our GoFundMe Page.

On Tuesday August 13 Alia was in a vespa accident on her way home from work. As she was driving she had to brake suddenly and lost control of the scooter and crashed while doing 35mph.

Alia sustained some bad injuries as a result of the crash. In addition to severe road rash, Alia’s jaw was broken in two places, and a few of her teeth were broken. She was rushed to Sharp Memorial Emergency Room where she was immediately booked for surgery to fix her jaw and reset her teeth.


Currently Alia’s jaw is closed completely shut for a month, forcing her to follow a strict liquid only diet. After a month her doctors will loosen the bands so she can begin to eat soft foods like oatmeal, with ultimately no chewing allowed for 3+ months.

Unfortunately we don’t quite yet know how big the financial hit will be. We have to consider the emergency transport, the out of network hospital stay, the surgery, follow ups, medications, missed work, and dental reconstruction. To fix her two front teeth we’re looking at something like:

Root canal: $1000 x 2
Crown: $800 x 2
Impant: $1000-$3000 x2

Just for the teeth we’re looking at anywhere from $3600-$8000.

If you know Alia, you know she is a sweet, selfless, woman who always puts other peoples happiness above her own. She hates asking for help, and the idea that we’re resorting to creating a GoFundMe for help should tell you how worried we are about what’s ahead of us.

Any little bit helps. We understand that not everyone can help out with a donation, even sharing this page helps us out.

Thank you,
 The Smith Family.