Ep 85: Rob Zombie’s 31 w/ David Agranoff – Who Goes There

8126b71dfe1ac82cb1df76668d4c58caLet it be known that the Who Goes There Podcast are gluttons for punishment. So what better way to follow up our Blair Witch episode, than with a film from Rob “I Put My Wife in All My Movies” Zombie? We’re joined by horror authors David Agranoff (Punk Rock Ghost Stories) and Anthony Trevino (King Space Void) to talk Rob Zombie’s 31 people eating, penis eating, pilot writing, Jamaican accents, facial close ups, and really taking it there! New York Matinee called it “a playful but mysterious little dish”; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 85! Seeeeee you next Wednesday…cunts.


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Help Crowd Source Rob Zombie’s “31”

RobZombie31Musician-turned-director Rob Zombie has official announced his Halloween-themed horror 31, which turns out to be a crowd-sourced effort. I’d pay him $1000 to NOT put his wife in this movie.

The film revolves around five people kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween.

As with all crowd-sourced projects, there are different tiers that land backers different rewards, such as an autographed movie poster, autographed DVD, thanks in the credits, lifetime access to every Rob Zombie show, and more. Continue reading

Rob Zombie Returns To Horror with 31

RobZombie31Love him or hate him, Rob Zombie has turned in some of the bigger horror releases of the last 10 years, and he’s marked his return to horror with 31.

Recently, the following trailer was uploaded to Rob Zombie’s official website with no information.

The trailer walks us through Zombie’s short directorial career Continue reading