Idiot Teacher Convicted of Felonies For Showing ABC’s of Death

1204689_ABCs-of-Death-1A former Columbus City Schools substitute teacher was convicted this morning of four felony counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

The madness began when a substitute teacher showed Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing’s The ABCs of Death to several Spanish classes at East High School in Columbus, Ohio. She claims she did not watch the movie prior to showing the classes, and thought the film was in Spanish. The best part is: she claims she had her back turned each time she showed the film, and was unaware of what was on the screen. I hope she actually got convicted of being a fuckin idiot. Continue reading

Who Goes There Podcast Episode 29 – ABC’s of Death 2

abcs-of-death-2Man, it feels sooo good to be bringing you guys episode 29! We know it’s been a while, but life happens, life sucks, ya deal with it and move on. So here we are, moving on.

We’ve got something really special for you this time around; we watched a movie that we both actually liked…mostly. We’ve got amatuer assassins, He-man style warriors, bath salts, creepy claymation cockroach people, Frankenboobs, African tribesman, and a gay Jesus? Yeah, all of that in a 90 minute movie! We watched ABC’s of Death 2, and boy did we have thoughts and opinions!

From here on out things should be running a little more smoothly, so put your bed sheet over your head, grab your candy bucket, and head to the pumpkin patch, we’re waiting for the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s Who Goes There Podcast episode 29!

Tune in next time when we check out 2012’s Found with our good friends Amigo The Devil! (It’s already been recorded, so yeah, it’ll happen) While you’re being awesome and listening to this check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our show on iTunes.