Ep276: Maniac Cop – WGT

Guttentag, goofballs! Here we are again with another ear pleasuring episode of the Who Goes There Podcast. Last week we discussed body invasion, aliens, and Russian conspiracies. This week we decided to tone things down a bit and discuss… excessive use of force by police and… systemic… racism. Damn.

Well, at least the abuse of power and racism is in the form of the film Manic Cop and not in the form of the 6PM news. Oddly enough, a lot of the themes discussed in this 1988… comedy, horror film (?) are just as relevant today as they were over thirty years ago. (Review at 35:50)

Next week’s episode will be a lot more fun and less serious, probably. We already recorded it, but it was like 3 weeks ago, I honestly don’t even remember what movie we did. I guess we’ll find out together! Huzzah, friendship!

With a little luck, the network will pick me up. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 276!

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Bruce Campbell To Star In Ash vs The Evil Dead TV Show

evildead1Breaking news this Monday afternoon as Variety reports that Starz has ordered a follow-up series to the cult The Evil Dead film franchise, titled Ash vs. Evil Dead!

The new show will reteam director Sam Raimi with longtime producing partner Rob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell, who will reprise his iconic role as Ash(!), the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. Continue reading

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Making Evil Dead TV Series, Campbell To Star

evildeadremakeLast week  San Diego Comic-Con that he’s been developing a television series based on his The Evil Dead franchise.

He also explained on the “The Last of Us” panel that he and his brother Ivan, along with Bruce Campbell, are currently writing the Evil Dead series.

Shortly there after, Campbell responded to a fan, via Twitter, confirming that the intentions are for him to star in said series. Continue reading