Ep308: Dario Argento’s Opera – WGT

Howdy there, ya goofy grunts! Now listen up, and listen good. I’m going to need you to go ahead and get yourself fixed up; get that shit out of your teeth, do something with that rat’s nest you call hair, and put on your fancy sweatpants. Tonight, we’re going to the Opera!

Wait, let me clarify that statement. What I meant to say was, “tonight we’re going to discuss Dario Argento’s Opera”. It’s a simple mistake really, besides, I’m handsome, I don’t need to be smart. I should tell you in advance, Jorge gets really angry, and we talk about the best way to watch M. Night Shyamalan films. Or, you know, you could continue pretending you’ve got something better to do, but really, you’re only lying to yourself.

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram. Also follow Matt on Twitch: @MattyDingDong

I’ll just go outside and get a sun tan then! While I’m at it I’ll listen to the Who Goes There Podcast episode 308!

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Help Fund Dario Argento’s New Film The Sandman

thesandmanbanner-620x400In a final push to complete financing on IndieGoGo, the producers behind Dario Argento’s The Sandman (starring Iggy Pop) have released a detailed synopsis.

“The Sandman tells the story of Nathan, a young student in the city who struggles to forget his childhood trauma at the hands of the serial killer dubbed “The Sandman”. Nathan killed The Sandman (Iggy Pop) years ago, on Christmas Eve, after he witnessed the murder of his mother…until he sees the beautiful woman who lives in the apartment across the way dying at the hands of that same masked killer. Continue reading