Zombie Casserole Now Available on DVD

Zombie Casserole Poster LAYERS for each elementYou now have the chance to own one of the best zombie comedies of 2014! New on DVD and Bluray from Small Basket Studios is the award winning zombie comedy (zombedy?) Zombie Casserole! Pick yours up right here, we’ll also be giving one away very shortly.

The zombie apocalypse came and went. It was a nonevent. Now the undead are having a hard time trying to fit into society. Wally is an anti-zombie bigot who doesn’t think they deserve anything but a swift burial. He’s forced to face the object of his hatred head on when he gets an unwelcome surprise while hosting a family dinner.

Coming Soon To Home Video

thequietonesWe know it’s been a while since we’ve done some news, life has gotten quite hectic, but we’re slowly picking up steam again. We don’t have any toy news to report this week, however, a handful of newer horror releases have been given home video release dates.

So instead we’re going to throw together a few of these films for ya. Continue reading for release dates and info on Wolf Creek 2, The Quiet Ones, and Stage Fright. Continue reading

We’re Super Cereal About Piggy on DVD

Al Gore is ManbearpigFinally, a documentary showcasing the very real, very dangerous threat that is Man Bear Pig!

What? Piggy isn’t a documentary? It’s a UK slasher flick about about a brother out to avenge the savage murder of his brother, and teams up with a guy named Piggy for some vigelante justice, then as his life collapses around him, he begins to question his mentor’s ways? What’s that? it’s coming to DVD and VOD May 13? Oh… Continue reading