Who Goes There Podcast Episode 26 – Deliver Us From Evil w/ Guest Erin Breen

Deliver-Us-From-Evil-PosterCooooooooooooooooon! Comic Con is over, summer is in full swing, and it’s hotter than two naked ladies in a pepper patch here in San Diego, so we went to use the air conditioning at the movie theater. While we were there we saw 2014’s Deliver Us From Evil and boy oh boy did we have thoughts and opinions on this movie. We needed an expert on demonic possession to help us out; we brought in possessed bride Erin Breen (Devil In My Ride) to drink beer and share her thoughts. Hang on folks, we’ve got a baby chucking, knife fighting, cat hating, demon possessed show for ya. Eat of my body, and drink of my blood, it’s the Who Goes There Podcast.

We’re bringing you this episode a week late, unfortunately we had our recording software crap the bed and lost a few minutes near the beginning. We tried really hard to recover it, and thought about recording a different episode, but we had so much fun, and Erin was such a great guest, we decided to bring it to you anyway. We hope it’s not too unnerving.

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