Picture this if you will, it’s January 1999. Britney Spears’ debut album is all over the place, bands like Sugar Ray and Limp Bizkit saturate alternative radio, Michael Bay’s Armageddon was the biggest movie last Summer, and Bill Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman.” SIKE! Just as we begin our spiral into the imminent Y2K apocalypse, Universal Pictures decides to dump an R-Rated $75 million scifi-horror adaptation of a dope Dark Horse comic book in theaters.

This episode, King Hans, the benevolent, bearded lord of our Patreon has decreed we review 1999’s VIRUS, starring the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Billy Baldwin, and motherfucking Donald Sutherland with a strong contender for the most absurd Irish accent in cinema history. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast Episode #404!!!

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Ep377: Killer Condom – WGT

Bow your heads, nerds! You are in the presence of greatness! Well, great generosity, at the least. You see, here at WGT we have a tier on our Patreon called “Living Deliciously”. It’s a one person tier that makes you the King of WGT and allows you to pick one film for review per month. It’s a way to have your cake and eat it too.

We’ve had a couple different Kings thus far. King Turk wanted us to do severely disturbing films. King Sam wanted us to do whatever films made us happy. King Hans, well, King Hans is a god damned agent of chaos, so things are about to get weird.

Buckle up for the first pick under King Hans: Killer Condom. Yeah, you heard that right. A sentient condom, that eats dicks. I am please.

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