Who Goes There Podcast ep 53 – Fall TV Roundup

tumblr_lld5t5tNRS1qdw3cdo1_1280Ah fall, Halloween is passed, pumpkin spice everything is being shoved down our throats and much like a virgin on prom night, Christmas is coming way too fast. Don’t put away your Halloween decorations yet, we still have a ton of fall horror television lingering around! Chris was in the middle of moving back to San Diego and couldn’t make the show, so we brought in our buddy Shaemus from the WWE (aka our buddy Joe) to help us take a look at some of the current fall lineup.

We discuss American Horror Story: Hotel, The Walking Dead season 6, Scream Queens, Ash vs The Evil Dead, and Hellevator in order to decide which is a full sized Snickers and which is an apple with a razor blade in it. We also touch on the tragic passing of Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) and Brandon Carlisle (Teenage Bottlerocket), some collector nerd stuff that you should be buying us, a quick look at Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth and Fallout 4, as well as a sweet track from Run The Jewels.

That’s the last goddamn hitchhiker I ever pick up. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 53!

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Teenage Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Way

leatherface_refA new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on the way, as confirmed by The Wrap.

They learned who is behind the screenplay: Black List scribe Seth M. Sherwood, who will be penning the teenage years of Leatherface.

The new incarnation will take place before Tobe Hooper’s 1974 cult classic, making it a massive franchise prequel. Continue reading

Weekly Toy Roundup

i_love_toys_by_flyart420Hooray! We’ve got another hole to throw money in to! You know we love horror toys, we know you love horror toys, and with San Diego Comic Con just around the corner; there’s sure to be no shortage of awesome, wallet draining toys coming in the near furture. Here’s some newly announced toys you should be buying for us.

First off from we have a new set of those adorable little Funko Pop! vinyl toys. We’re not talking about the second run Continue reading

Revved Up New Texas Chainsaw Massace 1:4 Scale Figure

tcm2Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been rebooted, and remade to a sickening degree, but now we can finally get excited about something new from the franchise!

Hollywood Collectables is releasing a super sweet 1:4 scale Leatherface figure from the new TCM flick! Check out the gallery in the comments. Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!

Best part is it’s only $329, now who wants to give me $350? Pre-order here. Continue reading

Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Theaters This Summer

tcmThis year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which had its world premiere on October 1st of 1974, in Leatherface’s home state of Texas. So successful was the gritty tale of a cannibalistic family that the film was annually re-released into theaters beginning in 1976, with Leatherface returning to the big screen every year for the subsequent six years.

In celebration of Leatherface’s 40th birthday, MPI/Dark Sky Films has just announced that they’ll be continuing that tradition by bringing the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre back to the big screen this summer, in the form of a newly restored print of the classic film. Continue reading