Preorder The New Amigo The Devil/Godhunter Split 7″

PanzramMisprintThe best news out of 2015 so far is that we’re finally getting new music from our good buddy Amigo The Devil! He’ll be releasing a split 7″ with Godhunter entitled “The Outer Dark” on February 10. The 7″ will be limited to 300 copies and is available for preorder here. Go buy it, and many other things, or you can win one from us. Just listen to our new episode for instructions on how to enter. You can check out the album artwork in the comments. Continue reading

The Babadook Pop Up Book Available For Preorder!

mister-babadook-book-doorstepJoin Mister Babadook in his evil plans for world domination by helping him get his very own pop up book published, and score yourself a copy in the process!

The Babadook was the breakout horror hit of Sundance 2014, and has been terrorising audiences around the world ever since. This creepy, expertly crafted feature has been a critical and audience scare favorite, winning a slew of awards for best film, best actress, best director etc. Mister Babadook is also the name of the pop-up book in the film. Continue reading

Last House on The Left Picture Disc

last-house-on-the-left-2I shouldn’t be telling you guys this, that will just make it harder for me to find one; One Way Static has announced that their remastered Last House On The Left soundtrack, which was composed and performed by David Hess, will be getting a limited picture disc variant for Record Store Day. Limited to only 1,500 copies, the records are almost certainly going to sell out within minutes and become a collector’s item, it hits stores on April 19th!