This episode King Hans, benevolent lord of our Patreon, has decreed we discuss BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL, aka “Japanese Evil Dead.” 

Originally filmed in 1995, this super low budget J horror eventually made it to DVD and theaters in Japan in 2014 before international release in 2017. It’s picked up quite a bit of steam in the years since as a cult classic. It’s currently available to stream on Shudder.

“We did as we were told and hacked him to pieces, didn’t we?! You think you can just run away? I told you you’re not going anywhere. I’m not gonna let that ugly bitch have you!” It’s the Who Goes There Podcast Episode 412!

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Who Goes There Podcast ep 23 – Amerikan Holokaust w/ Amigo The Devil

AmerikanHolokaust_PosterWe’ve seen and said some really horrible things on this podcast over the last year, all of that is child’s play compared to what transpired this time. Our good friend Danny (Amigo The Devil) was in town from tour so we decided to bring him and Hayley back on the show. We had a lovely day full of home cooking, beers, lots of laughs, and they thanked us by showing us Amerikan Holokaust; the most vile, disgusting, low budget, gore and nudity filled film we’ve ever covered on the Who Goes There Podcast. You’ll learn about fourth meal, how to make a turtleneck for your turtle, learn a killer chili recipe, and hear our guests break Jorge. Sometimes, sometimes ya just gotta eat the doo-doo, it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 23.


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