Six Demon Gab Premier – Pine Box Boys Interview

maxresdefaultHowdy kids, welcome to the first installment of Six Demon Gab! We get a lot of interview opportunities and never really knew what to do with them, and some end up being too long to be included in a regular episode of the Who Goes There Podcast, so we’ve created Six Demon Gab.

We’ll still have our regular show every two weeks, but now if we get a chance to talk to someone outside the show we’ll be able to bring you more awesome horror content! For our first installment, Chris had to clean his shorts (as he often does) as he sat down and talked with one of his favorite bands, stabbing enthusiasts The Pine Box Boys! We’d love to know what you think of the new addition to Who Goes There?

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Preorder The New Amigo The Devil/Godhunter Split 7″

PanzramMisprintThe best news out of 2015 so far is that we’re finally getting new music from our good buddy Amigo The Devil! He’ll be releasing a split 7″ with Godhunter entitled “The Outer Dark” on February 10. The 7″ will be limited to 300 copies and is available for preorder here. Go buy it, and many other things, or you can win one from us. Just listen to our new episode for instructions on how to enter. You can check out the album artwork in the comments. Continue reading

Who Goes There Podcast Episode 30 – “Found” w/ Amigo The Devil

FoundAmigoHere it is, our dirty 30! It seems oddly appropriate that our 30th episode would be a Halloween episode, with our good friend Amigo The Devil, about a movie that is “as horror as horror gets”. In what is, without a doubt one of the most funny episodes we’ve ever done, we take a look at 2012’s Found, and things get weird. In what Jorge describes as “the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever been a part of”, we’ve got mammary mastication, edible eyeballs, adolescent ball gags, severed head sex acts, blood baths, and our usual stupid jokes.So sit tight, and keep the home fires burning, and if we’re not back by dawn, call the president. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast, episode 30!

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GWAR Unveils New Scumdogs, and North American Tour

gwarBow down peasants! We have new overlords, and they demand your complete obedience!

The Scumdogs of the Universe, known lovingly here on planet Earth as GWAR, have announced that their reign of terror will not cease with the loss of leader Oderus Urungus, who passed earlier this year.

Guitarist BalSac the Jaws of Death stated: Continue reading

Dave Grohl Channels Carrie For Ice Bucket Challenge

CarrieBy now we’ve all seen this ridiculous ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS. Whether you’ve done the challenge, or are on the “don’t waste water” side of things, the “challenge” has been ahuge success and given us some great videos, like this new one from Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl channeling his inner “Carrie“.

The clip starts off innocently enough, with Grohl explaining who he is, the purpose of the video, and then calling out Stephen King (who accepted his challenge), John Travolta, and Jack Black. Continue reading

Help Crowd Source Rob Zombie’s “31”

RobZombie31Musician-turned-director Rob Zombie has official announced his Halloween-themed horror 31, which turns out to be a crowd-sourced effort. I’d pay him $1000 to NOT put his wife in this movie.

The film revolves around five people kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween.

As with all crowd-sourced projects, there are different tiers that land backers different rewards, such as an autographed movie poster, autographed DVD, thanks in the credits, lifetime access to every Rob Zombie show, and more. Continue reading

“Monsters Unplugged” A Free Album of Acoustic Themed Horror Songs

a0450147956_2I love camping, I love horror, and I love playing guitar; so it goes without saying, I’m pretty excited Graveyard Calling Horror Records has released a free 21-track album of horror-themed acoustic songs that are perfect for your next camping trip! Featuring artists such as The Zombie Dandies, Wolfman Chuck & The Spookalele Of Doom, Telling Tasha, Bad Whoremoans, and more, the album can be heard in the replies. You can also pick up the album free on Band Camp. Continue reading

Let Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Your Kids Bedtime Lullabys

nickcave_album_b_1Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has announced that they will be releasing an album of lullaby versions of songs by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, which will feature 13 tracks. Songs on the album include “Red Right Hand” (which has appeared in every Scream film), “Where The Wild Roses Grow”, and many more. Continue reading for the track listing, as well as their cover of “Into My Arms”.

Pre-order the album via iTunes. Continue reading

Jason Voorhees Stars in The Menzingers New Video

menzScranton, PA’s The Menzingers have just released their new video for “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore“. The video features none other than Jason Voorhees doing his best Stewart Smalley impression while trying not to be an asshole anymore. What a quitter.

Check out the video in the comments, and pick up the bands new album “Rented World” out today on Epitaph Records. Continue reading

Bloody Hammers Welcome To The Horror Show

BLOODY-HAMMERS_LP_coverHorror-infused dark rock band Bloody Hammers have released an official video for “Welcome To The Horror Show”, the latest single from the band’s upcoming third studio album Under Satan’s Sun, which comes out June 10th via Napalm Records. The black and white video is chock full of horror imagery, wonderfully complimenting the dark lyrics. Continue reading