Ep325: Phantasm – WGT

Well, it’s October, Everything is pumpkin spiced, everyone is watching horror films and cobwebs real, and fake, are everywhere. Nothing says holiday spirit like showing a beloved horror classic to cynical, first time viewers.

We await your rage, nerds.

 Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram. Also follow Matt on Twitch: @MattyDingDong

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Phantasm V Ravager Announced

Phantasm-V-teaser_bigAint It Cool.com recently broke the story that Don Coscarelli is back with more Tallman terror, and will have the long gestured Phantasm V: Ravager for us in the near future!

AIC shared the following teaser poster, with some official news coming in the next day or so. From what we’ve been told, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm do return. Kat Lester also returns as the “Lady in Lavender”. Continue reading