Coming Soon To Home Video

thequietonesWe know it’s been a while since we’ve done some news, life has gotten quite hectic, but we’re slowly picking up steam again. We don’t have any toy news to report this week, however, a handful of newer horror releases have been given home video release dates.

So instead we’re going to throw together a few of these films for ya. Continue reading for release dates and info on Wolf Creek 2, The Quiet Ones, and Stage Fright. Continue reading

Sid Haig Stars in Horror Comedy Devil In My Ride

devil_ride_1Did you love The Hangover, but it just wasn’t evil enough for you? Well you’re in luck; FilmBuff will release Red Band Films’ horror/comedy Devil in My Ride starring Sid Haig (Devil’s Rejects/Kill Bill Vol 2) on May 13th through multiple Video-on-Demand platforms.

Directed by Gary Michael Schultz, the film is about a bride possessed by the devil on her wedding night, her groom Hank and her rebellious brother Travis who must put aside their differences to travel across country from Chicago to Las Vegas in the hopes of finding a mythical street preacher who is said to be the last exorcist in America. Continue reading