Who Goes There Podcast Episode 25 – Under The Skin

hr_Under_the_Skin_3We’re getting this up a day late, but that only because we love America so much, we celebrated the shit out of her birthday, and it took us a few days to recover. We’re also celebrating a birthday here at Who Goes There! We’ve been going at it for a year now, 25 episodes and we’re just getting started. We’re kicking off year two with aliens, “Jeff The Dog Faced Boy”, Jack Burton’s porno dialogue, a look down memory lane, and a movie that for some unholy reason managed to desexualize a fully nude Scarlett Johansson – 2013’s Under The Skin. Is it the critcal darling it’s made out to be? Or is it an out of this world pile of shit? Put on your stars and bars, we’re doing this shit for America! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 25!

Episode 26 we take a look at Deliver Us From Evil, with special guest Erin Breen of Devil In My Ride. While you’re being awesome and listening to this check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our show on iTunes.