Episode 74 -The Funhouse Massacre – Who Goes There Podcast

FHM_Tumblr_AMCPromo_1500x788We know a lot of our listeners hate clowns and got a little uncomfortable with our last episode. So as a way of saying “get over it, you pussies” we did another clown movie! What happens when a bunch of the world’s most dangerous killers, all housed in the same facility, break out and run amok at carnival? Well, they make a movie about it and 3 idiots get together and tell stupid jokes while discussing the movie. You should know that by now. You stupid, podcast listening, idiot, morons. Aunt Maggie was a bitch and got what she deserved. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 74.

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Did Jason Voorhees Just Kill Last Year?

LastYear_F13-620x400Jason Voorhees won’t be returning from his decades long vacation from video games for another nine months and he’s already claimed his first victim. Last week, the Kickstarter page for the indie slasher game Last Year was taken down and replaced with a claim of a copyright violation submitted by the rights holders of the Friday the 13th film franchise.

We’ve mentioned Last Year on a couple of our shows, and have been really excited since hearing about it, we even made the comparison between the two games. Continue reading

Not The First Rodeo For The Final Girls

ginnyEvery movie has a “final girl”, the one heroine who survives the slasher and goes on to tell the tale. (how else would we get a sequel?) Of course we all know some time down the road, the killer will come looking for you again. Here’s a trailer for Final Girls, shot in Chicago back in 2013.

The filmmakers will test the film with an audience at the Kansas City’s Panic Film Festival. The director of the film, Matt Storc, and two of the stars, Ashley Nickell and Emily Rochester, will be in attendance for a Q&A after the film. Continue reading

Who Goes There Podcast ep 32 Bay of Blood/Twitch of the Death Nerve w/ Chris Woods of The Sleaze Box

846-Bay-of-BloodI find it rather strange that until today, we’ve only done one slasher flick on our podcast (Maniac). Not only are slashers my favorite type of horror movie; they’re jam packed with gruesome, innovative deaths, high body counts, and more boobs than you could shake…well…a bunch of boobs at!

In this episode we’re joined by Chris Woods of The Sleaze Box, to take a look at what is arguably the godfather of the slasher genre as we know it, Mario Bava’s 1971 classic Twitch of the Death Nerve, better known as Bay of Blood! It’s got it all, cheesy dialouge, jiggly boo boos, stupid teenagers, brutal deaths, and buckets of blood! So grab your water wings, because down here, we all float. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 32!

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Town That Dreaded Sundown Remake To Be “Hardcore R” Premier on Epix on Halloween

The-Town-that-Dreaded-SundownAt this past weekend’s New York Comic-Con, Fangoria caught up with film, TV and comics scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who promised that the Town That Dreaded Sundown remake he penned and that hits theaters this week has not toned things down.

“People who’ve seen it have said that it’s even more violent and disturbing than the original,” Aguirre-Sacasa (a former Fango intern) tells us. “It’s pretty hardcore; it’s a serious slasher movie.” Continue reading

We’re Super Cereal About Piggy on DVD

Al Gore is ManbearpigFinally, a documentary showcasing the very real, very dangerous threat that is Man Bear Pig!

What? Piggy isn’t a documentary? It’s a UK slasher flick about about a brother out to avenge the savage murder of his brother, and teams up with a guy named Piggy for some vigelante justice, then as his life collapses around him, he begins to question his mentor’s ways? What’s that? it’s coming to DVD and VOD May 13? Oh… Continue reading

Jason Xmas Web Series Episode 1 Up Now

jason-xmas-posterWhat do you get when you cross a beloved Crystal Lake killer with the biggest commercial holiday? Well you get Jason Xmas of course! Ok, so the name isn’t all that clever, but at least it’s not Zombie With a Shotgun.

Jason Xmas is a ten-part mini-series that has Jason going after his victims during Christmas time. A quick trivia note: The opening scene was shot in Blairstown, NJ, where the original film was shot. Fans will probably recognize the street from the movie. 

In this first episode Jason invites himself to a family’s holiday reunion. The mystery of Jason’s latest target will become unveiled as the series continues. A new episode will be released monthly up until the exciting conclusion this upcoming Christmas 2014!

Death Do Us Part Trailer and Promo Shots

Death-Do-Us-Part-DVDMarriage can be a scary thing, and on April 15 saying “I do” might just mean, you’re dead! Check out the new trailer and promo shots for Death Do Us Part (in the replies). Also, did you love the movie Trick ‘r Treat and think to yourself “I love this movie, I just wish Sam wasn’t an adorable kid in pjs.”? Looks like the director of Death Do Us Part did.

tilldeathdosam Continue reading

Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 11 – American Horror Story: Coven and Walking Dead Season 4 Premiers

What happened to Beans?!Sorry for the delay in bringing you this episode, we weren’t happy with our original episode 11, and decided to scrap and record a whole new episode. This week we talk about coprophagia, interracial relations, birth defects, and what happened to Beans from Even Stevens. At some point we take a look at the season premiers of American Horror Story: Coven, and fan favorite, The Walking Dead. Joined this week by Carlos and Alia, this episode is exactly what you’ve come to expect from this show; complete chaos. Tune in next time when we review something we probably didn’t plan on reviewing.

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