Ep 68 Green Room w/Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings Film Fest) – Who Goes There Podcast

Green-Room-new-poster-2016-movie-2Get ready ’cause this shit is about to get heavy, we just settled all our lawsuits, ooooooooh Debbie, noooooooooo. Right now, there is a film in theaters whose name is on everyone’s lips. No we’re not talking about that big budget, Disney superhero flick. We’re talking about Green Room! We all have deep seeded, punk rock roots, and let me tell you, this movie is the real deal! Joined by the king of obscure references, Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings Film Fest), we talk about what you gotta do to get by on the road, sitting down to pee, the appropriate time to apply war paint, desert island bands, mashup potential and a whole lot more. No one messes around wit’ my man, Leroy. I’m gonna cut you, white-meat! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 68!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 63 – They Look Like People

they_look_like_people_posterWhat a return to form this episode was! If you’ve been missing us being drunk and silly and saying stupid jokes then this episode is for you! We’re joined by the always excitable Alia, after a day of beach drinking and sleep deprivation we get together and blow the roof off this mother! Bad jokes and sexual innuendos aside, we talk about Daredevil, the best way exercise a demon, off key “singing”, and the new psychological horror film from Perry Blackshear, They Look Like People“. Also, we talk about our Frights & Pints charity event benefiting Pin Ups For Pitbulls, and our limited black metal Taylor Swift shirt to benefit the charity. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 63!

After listening back to the episode Alia has asked us to make the following statement:

I’m regretful and would like to redact my statements, and ask everyone listening to disregard my comments about mental illness. They’re incorrect/lacking context and they further stigmatize people who are typically not violent and don’t need to be cast in that kind of light.

That’s not even the part we cut out, soooooo….

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 48 – Goodnight Mommy

GoodnightBannerGather ’round children, for this is the epitome of podcast excellence! We’ll be accepting your nominations for the podcast awards, effective immediately. We’ve got our buddy Irish on the show to talk about calcified fetuses, drinking corpse water, murder mansions, dick & fart jokes, way more singing than we have business doing. We also get around to talking about the new German psychological thriller Goodnight Mommy. Did you ever think your parents might be lizard people? Were you a bad boy who needed a good spanking? Did you ever wonder if your mom gave dad a blowjob before she kissed you goodnight? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 48.

This movie isn’t out just yet, so BEWARE CHILDREN, THAN BE SPOILERS!

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Pornstache Goes Camping in Preservation Trailer

preservation_final-692x1024Acquired out of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, the indie film Preservation will be opening on VOD platforms January 9, 2015.

Actor Christopher Denham takes his second turn in the director’s chair with whats’s said to be a finely crafted horror-thriller starring Pablo Schreiber (“The Wire,” “Orange is the New Black”), Aaron Staton (“Mad Men”), and Wrenn Schmidt (“Boardwalk Empire”). Continue reading

Waxwork Records to Release Starry Eyes Soundtrack on Vinyl

starry-eyes-posterWaxwork Records has announced that they will be releasing the score to this year’s Starry Eyes, a gory horror-thriller that the company describes as a mix between, “…Polanski and Cronenberg.” The music was composed by Jonathan Snipes, who also composed Room 237.

The film is described as: “A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.”

You can listen to two tracks from the upcoming release in the comments. Continue reading

View The Uncut Opening of “SoulMate”

Soulmate-CoverWitching Hour Films, the UK-based production company behind Axelle Carolyn’s feature debut Soulmate has made available in full the film’s opening scene, widely discussed after being cut to adhere to demands by the BBFC.

An ongoing topic of conversation between Carolyn and much of her followers and the horror community, the scene below is perhaps most shocking because it’s tone is visceral and poetic, rather than graphic and gross, as the forcing of cuts would have you believe. The mandate to trim is something of a baffling one, and certainly unfortunate, but not uncharacteristic of the British Board of Film Classification. Continue reading

Fan Favorite Returns To Hemlock Grove

netflix-hemlock-grove-shelley-620x400We have the new still (left) from the second season of the Emmy nominated Netflix original series, Hemlock Grove, which shows fan favorite Madeleine Martin as Shelley.

The gory supernatural dramatic thriller from executive producer Eli Roth will premiere on Friday, July 11th at 12:01 AM PT. Which means I’ll have finished marathoning season 2 of Orange is the New Black a month before.