Jason X-mas Episode 2 Up Now

jason-xmas-posterA short time ago, we introduced you to the first installment of ScaredStiffTV’s Jason X-mas, a fun, fan made web series, following everyone’s favorite, slow witted, hockey masked, machete wielding killer, as he spreads he unique brand of chaos and cheer around Christmas. Episode 2 has now been posted, with a new episode coming each month, leading up to it’s Christmas finale in December. Check it out in the comments. Continue reading

Jason Xmas Web Series Episode 1 Up Now

jason-xmas-posterWhat do you get when you cross a beloved Crystal Lake killer with the biggest commercial holiday? Well you get Jason Xmas of course! Ok, so the name isn’t all that clever, but at least it’s not Zombie With a Shotgun.

Jason Xmas is a ten-part mini-series that has Jason going after his victims during Christmas time. A quick trivia note: The opening scene was shot in Blairstown, NJ, where the original film was shot. Fans will probably recognize the street from the movie. 

In this first episode Jason invites himself to a family’s holiday reunion. The mystery of Jason’s latest target will become unveiled as the series continues. A new episode will be released monthly up until the exciting conclusion this upcoming Christmas 2014!