The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth To Feature Interactive Music

the_binding_of_isaacIf you’ve listened to our show at all, you know we’re huge fan’s of The Binding Of Isaac! (Check out episode 18 of our podcast, featuring TBoI creator Edmund McMillen, here) In a recent blog post on his site, Edmund McMillen revealed that the music in the upcoming rogue-like game The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth will actually change based upon the items that the character picks up.

McMillen writes, “…the cool thing about the music in [R]ebirth is there will be a few items that warm how things sound… and a lot of the tracks sound amazing when they are slowed down or sped up

This was a response to a writer telling McMillen that a new track, “Duress” (in comments), sounded extremely sinister when played backwards.