Waxwork Records Officially Announces Trick r Treat Vinyl

trickrtreatvinylcover-611x637Waxwork Records has officially announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to the 2007 anthology horror film Trick R Treat on 2xLP vinyl. The expanded double LP features over an hour of music that has been mastered for vinyl and supervised by the composer.

Pre-orders will begin today (10/14) and the official release date is 10/28.

Samples of the soundtrack can be heard below as well as pictures of the variants.

If that wasn’t enough, at the request of Michael Dougherty, Waxwork has acquired the full audio stems from the film to create a full bonus Spooky Sound FX album perfect for a haunted house, or to spook your neighbors this Halloween season. Like the classic Disney LPs such as “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds From The Haunted House”, the included TRICK ‘R TREAT spooky sound-fx album will take the listener through the streets of Warren Valley, Ohio on a cold Halloween night filled with vampires, werewolves, rock quarry zombies, and Sam himself. If that wasn’t enough, the entire spooky sound-fx album has been constructed, mixed, and edited by Evan Chen, the sound designer on Michael Dougherty’s 1996 animated short SEASON’S GREETINGS which features Sam’s first appearance, and inspired the film TRICK ‘R TREAT.

LP package details include:
Deluxe heavyweight tip-on gatefold jacket with satin coating
Full artwork and design by Francesco Francavilla
Liner notes by director Michael Dougherty and composer Douglas Pipes
An inserted 11” x 22” poster
Bonus Spooky Sound-FX Album

Vinyl variations include:
Candy Corn Splatter vinyl
180 gram Orange vinyl
Black and Orange Swirl vinyl

Picture Disc Vinyl:
Disc 1 Side A: Sam’s Lollipop
Disc 1 Side B: Sam’s Lollipop with Bite
Disc 2 Side A: Sam’s head with mask
Disc 2 Side B: Sam unmasked

Track List:

Side A:
Spooky Guidelines
It’s Halloween, Not Hanukkah / Main Title
Meet Charlie
Charlie Bites It
Father and Son
Meet Rhonda
To The Quarry

Side B:
The Halloween Schoolbus Massacre
The Elevator / Laurie On The Prowl
Halloween Prank
Not A Trick / Red and Black
Laurie’s First Time

Side C:
Old Mr. Kreeg
Pumpkin Shooter / Meet Sam
The Bus Driver
The Neighborhood
Trick ‘r Treat
End Credits

Side D:
Always Check Your Candy
Wilkins’ Backyard
Rock Quarry
Sheep’s Meadow
Old Mr. Kreeg’s House