Weekly Toy Roundup

i_love_toys_by_flyart420Hooray! We’ve got another hole to throw money in to! You know we love horror toys, we know you love horror toys, and with San Diego Comic Con just around the corner; there’s sure to be no shortage of awesome, wallet draining toys coming in the near furture. Here’s some newly announced toys you should be buying for us.

First off from we have a new set of those adorable little Funko Pop! vinyl toys. We’re not talking about the second run of their horror pops (Ash, Sam, Captain Spaulding etc) no we’re talking about this set of 7 Buffy The Vampire Slayer figures.

Funko is rounding up the denizens of Sunnydale for a new collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer POP! Scheduled for release this September, this assortment of vinyl figures includes Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Angel, Spike, The Gentlemen, and Daniel “Oz” Osbourne.

Also be on the look out for a Vampire Spike chase piece!

If you’re like me and never got into the whole Buffy craze, maybe you’d prefer this awesome Universal Monsters Rebel Frankenstein figure from Mezco. No release date or additional info yet, except this bad boy can be yours for about $50.


Next, NECA continues to aggressively expand their 8″ Mego-style figure collection with today’s announcement of two new additions. These include horror icon Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the mascot for the horror punk band The Misfits, The Fiend. Leatherface and two distinct versions of The Fiend – black and red – are scheduled to arrive by this Halloween.

Lastly, Sideshow Collectables teased us with this image:


Did you hear that? Do you know what that means campers? That’s right! More Friday the 13th collectibles are on the way from Sideshow Collectibles to satisfy your blood thirst for all things Jason Voorhees and horror!