Who Goes There Podcast Becomes Part of ScareTissue.com!

1526482_464855996959465_1058026670_nWhen we started this podcast we wanted to get drunk, talk horror and meet awesome people who also love horror. Today we’re proud to announce we have taken a huge step toward getting more drunk, talking more horror, and meeting more awesome people!

Who Goes There has become a member of the ScareTissue.com family! Scare Tissue is the fastest growing horror site, featuring more news, reviews, and interviews than we could ever hope to offer. By joining up with ST.com we’re able to bring our followers more content, and just focus on making a fun, entertaining show. This “merger” is going to mean big things for both entities, we thank everyone for their continued support, and helping us get to this point. It means more than you could ever know.

Keep checking both WhoGoesTherePodcast.com and ScareTissue.com to see all the new fear-tures. See what I did there?