Who Goes There Podcast Episode 27 – The People Under The Stairs

peopleunderthestairsbd2dWe need to learn, never tease the next episode. This episode is coming to you a bit late, it was supposed to be about Sleepaway Camp, featuring our friend Lauren Ashley Carter, however due to technical difficulties we couldn’t make that episode happen. (YET!)

Fear not! We rounded up the always fun Alia, and Chris and took a look at some of the recent news in the world of horror, including the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a real life Purge, Ghostbusters 3, and a new Silent Hill game! If that wasn’t enough, we walk down memory lane with 1991’s cult classic The People Under The Stairs. We’re eating our enemies and spitting out the buckshot, it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 27!

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