Who Goes There Podcast Episode 51 – Deathgasm

deathgasmAll hail! Dust off your gauntlets, apply your corpse paint, put on your bullet belt and hold up your imaginary heart it’s times for the metals! This week’s movie is bat shit insanity from New Zealand in the form of Deathgasm! We’ve been waiting for this movie for quite some time and it’s finally here! For the first time we’re recording out of Casa de Franco, we bust out our horrible Dethklok impersonations, Jorge explains his problem with the metals, Matt is sleep deprived and delirious, Chris sets us up to sing Sabotage and Too Many Cooks, and we missed both cues. We also manage to throw in some comic book news, musical tidbits, a little vinyl talk AND horror tv, it’s almost like we know what we’re doing. That’s just what we call pillow talk, baby. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 51.

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