Goosebumps Movie Gets 2016 Release

27606_originalA release date has been announced for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the R.L. Stine scholastic horror series Goosebumps, a nice even 2 years from now, on March 23, 2016.

The film follows Dylan Minnette’s character, who moves from New York City to the small town of Greendale, Maryland, where his secretive new neighbor turns out to be veteran young adult horror author R.L. Stine (Jack Black).

When all the many demons of Stine’s mind are set free by Slappy, a demonic ventriloquist’s dummy, it’s up to Minnette’s character and Stine’s niece Hannah (Odeya Rush) to put all the evil genies back in the bottle.

Darren Lemke and Mike White wrote the script. Neal H. Moritz produce with Deborah Forte of Scholastic Entertainment. Rob Letterman directs.