Ep227: Laid To Rest – WGT

Man, oh man! Have you guys seen that new movie The Fanatic?! It’s a new movie directed by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and stars John Travolta of all people! We had totally prepared to review The Fanatic this week, but then we decided that this film is something that is so magical, that we only want to share it with Patreon.

The decision to make this cinematic masterpiece and Patreon only pick left us with a hole in our calendar, a hole that we decided to fill with a movie that itself was going to be a Patreon exclusive. This week, we’ll be reviewing 2009’s Laid To Rest (review starts at 25:34).

Do you like tits, blood and gore? Because this movie is full of it! Just have a look at the bad ass image below. In addition we’ll be running down all the movies we’ve been watching recently. “Which movies?” you may be asking. Well, I don’t remember, so why don’t you have yourself a little listen and find out for yourself, dork?

That’s the trouble with the world, Sarah darlin’. People got different ideas concernin’ what they want out of life. Me, I want the Who Goes There Podcast episode 227!

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