Ep246: Pig – WGT

In 2010, Dread Central and a few other horror sites joined together to stream Pig, the new movie from director Adam Mason. The film was only streamed for a limited time, and if you missed it, too bad. Pig was never officially released, and despite a few over-priced bootlegs popping up at conventions, Pig had essentially vanished. Vanished that is, until 2017.

In 2017 director Adam Mason announced that Pig would screen at SXSW for two nights, and then never again; this would be the only public screening of the film. When asked why the film was never released Adam Mason has said everything from he hates the film, to wanting to create that “holy grail” film. You know, the kind of film you only hear about, but can’t find, but your friend’s brother’s classmate’s uncle “totally has a copy”. The important thing is, Mason was always willing to talk about the film, and if asked nicely, would reportedly send you a link. Well, that’s what we did, motherfuckers!

That’s right, we watched what is arguably one of the hardest to find horror films ever, and we’re gonna tell you all about it! (Review at 25:55) We’re trying to reach out to Mason to see if we can make the film available for a limited time, thus far we have had no response.

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You don’t count good, you stupid bitch. But you can count on the Who Goes There Podcast episode 246!

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