Ep267: Blade: The Iron Cross (Puppet Master) – WGT

How goes it, ya lil booger eaters?! Speaking of booger eaters, allow me to tell you a story. Twas the summer of 1990, and a super cool kid named Matt was sitting down with his aunt to watch a movie. In said movie there was a character with a blank, pale, emotionless face with eyes soulless and black, like a shark. No, I’m not talking about Kirsten Stewart, I’m talking about Blade!

While the leech woman may have terrified the living shit out of me, Blade was different. Sure, he was the leader of a murderous gang of puppets, but Blade was cool, calm, and most of all, brutal. You just knew he had to have a compelling backstory and we all looked forward to the solo film we all knew he deserves. Fast forward 30 years and Full Moon Features has silently released Blade: The Iron Cross, the stand alone Blade movie and the first Puppet Master spinoff! (Review at 34:12)

Part of me wants to tell you about all the other hijinks we get into, but I’d rather you listen for yourself. Dorks.

Fuck you, you Ivy League tight ass. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 267!

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