Ep279: Dawn of the Dead – Original & Remake

“Old Magic, Old Ways, the Old Ones themselves often seem powerless in a new place.” – Anne Cameron

Dia duit, leathcheann! Last week, as a Halloween treat, we posted the first episode in a series of “original vs remake” episodes for The Hills Have Eyes. The response was so great for that episode that we decided to do another one! Actually, we’d already decided we were going to do these, but just play along.

We chose the films we did because the originals are considered classics which had not been seen by some members of the show. This week we’re talking 1978’s Dawn of the Dead as well as it’s 2004 remake. For Jorge and Rhett this was a first time viewing of the original. (Review starts at 40:00) Enjoy.

This is normally where I pull a quote from a horror movie as a sign off. Not this week. I’m just gonna say it was nice knowing all of you. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 279!

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