Ep283: Ghost Ship & Deep Rising

Captain’s log, Day 420 – Middle of the Ocean

I’ve been at sea so long that I can no longer remember the feeling of solid ground beneath my feet. Spirits are down and the crew is becoming more and more hostile.

Last night our man in the crow’s nest caught a case of the sea madness, began ranting about the presence of a Ghost Ship in our midst. We asked him if the ship itself were a ghost, or merely had ghosts upon it’s decks. He couldn’t tell us.

Last week, ole’ Cookie in the kitchen told a suspiciously similar tale, ‘cept his tale had some Deep Rising sea creatures in it. You can read all about it starting at entry 36:16. I’m not fairing so well either. Last night I had a dream about a French, man-sized lobster named Jean Pierre who was looking for his girlfriend. I need sleep.

Sue Ellen, every girl over twenty-five should have a cucumber in the house. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 283!

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