Ep316: The Forever Purge – WGT

Welcome back, smooth-brains! In our never-ending journey to torture ourselves for your amusement we’ve seen some really bad movies. Just think about it. (Insert Limp Bizkit bass line here. You’re welcome.) In just over 8 years we’ve released 316 glorious episodes, and that’s not to mention all the episodes that never saw the light of day.

I just want you to keep that fact on top of that piece of laffy taffy that you call a brain while listening to this here episode. This week we cover The Forever Purge, the three-hundred and fifty-seventh installment in the Purge film franchise. Enjoy, or don’t. IDGAF.

We started our podcast the same year as this franchise started, and I’ll be great god damned if they’re going to outlast us!

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram. Also follow Matt on Twitch: @MattyDingDong

Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them. Tonight, we listen to the Who Goes There Podcast episode316!

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