Ep338: Scream (1996) – WGT

My eyes are covered, colored with blood. Tell me why I don’t lie. A cold wind blows; I feel the eyes on me. All the pain flowing through my veins. 

My tied up hands are getting numb. Everyone throws stones at me, but I can’t escape. This isn’t fun at all. Who is this for? Someone please tell me. On the burning path of fire now. 

Please I don’t want to Scream (1996). Spreading in the darkness scream. 

Tricks behind the mask, ridiculous freaks, the growing hatred gives birth to random targets. I swallow up the burning thirst but hypocrisy says isn’t my fault. The end is sitting at the end of a cliff. And I’ll be a choice that only remains. 

Words that cut like a sharp knife, dig deep into scars, but the breath won’t stop. I can’t figure any of it out. Who is this for? Someone please tell me, in this rising smoke now. 

Please I don’t want to scream. (Devil eyes come, eyes open, eyes open) After everyone left I’m opening my eyes, all traces have disappeared. Can’t believe me. 

Don’t be sad, no more. For me no more. Uh huh. Forget everything you saw. Believe that nothing happened. One by one, everyone goes crazy. 

I just wanna make you scream. Everyone looks at me and scream.
Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram. Also follow Matt on Twitch: @MattyDingDong

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